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SP Mic Review

Rated 5 out of 5

Using the SP mic protects my voice and eliminates stress. It is fun to teach with the water mic. I am grateful to our Fitness Center for providing such an outstanding, cutting edge piece of equipment.

Nana Whalen, Aquatics Instructor

Customer Service

Rated 5 out of 5

The World Bank Fitness Centers in Washington DC has been using the services of Special Projects for the past 3 years with great results. The microphones they supply are superior quality units, and their turn aroud time on repairs is prompt, friendly and efficient. As manager of 2 very busy facilities with 5 Group Exercise studios running 60 classes per week, I would thoroughly recommend Special Projects to any fitness facility looking for quality sound services

Mike James, GM, World Bank Fitness Centers

The SP-H2O mic with detachable cable

Rated 5 out of 5

The microphone is simply the best I have ever used!

Mark Grevelding, AEA training specialist & international aquatic fitness presenter

Great Products!

Rated 5 out of 5

For over 7 years, we have been searching the fitness world for a microphone system that would meet the needs of our instructors and our members. Finding the right match for 55 clubs, running Group Fitness classes back to back, all day, every day has been a challenge to say the least. We tried low end (quick and easy) and we tried high end (quality sound) but nothing seemed to work. No matter what we tried, we continued to have issues with sound quality and breakage. It has been a very frustrating process.

After trying and failing with a number of systems, we finally found EVO. The EVO system has been the answer to many of our issues. For the price of the microphone, the sound quality is extremely high. The systems are easy to install and easy to use. Our instructors love that they are wireless and that no belt pack is needed. The headset is very comfortable (light and tight even in high impact classes) and very easy to adjust to fit all head sizes.

I particularly like the fact that the microphones are rechargeable. In a club like ours, we would go through thousands of batteries a year. Now we can re-charge anytime we are not using it which saves us a lot of money on batteries. The charging system is simple so our instructors just charge between classes.

Kim Christine, VP Group Fitness Instructor


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